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Terms & Conditions

  1. Access to the premises

1.1 The homeowner agrees:

  • to provide the house sitter with at least seven days notice of any change to the agreed first day of the housesitting assignment
  • that the premises will be vacant and in a habitable condition for the house sitter to move in on the agreed first day of the housesitting assignment

1.2 The house sitter agrees:

  • to be responsible for any act by any person the house sitter allows on the premises who breaks any terms of the agreement
  • not to allow any person not listed in this agreement to live at the premises without the homeowner’s written permission
  1. Care of the premises

2.1 The homeowner agrees:

  • to ensure that the premises are reasonably clean and fit to live in
  • to provide the house sitter with a set of spare keys for the premises

2.2 The house sitter agrees:

  • not to use the premises, or allow the premises to be used, for any illegal purpose
  • not to cause a nuisance or allow a nuisance to be caused on the premises
  • not to interfere, or allow others to interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours
  • not to keep any animal on the premises other than those listed in this agreement without the permission of the home owner
  • not to cause or allow any damage to be caused to the premises
  • to regularly clean the bathroom and kitchen
  • to maintain the grounds and garden if requested in the agreement
  • to put all household rubbish and recycling out for regular collection
  • to keep the premises as clean and tidy as at the start of this agreement
  • to notify the homeowner as soon as possible of any damage to the premises
  • to leave the premises as nearly as possible in the same condition (fair wear
  1. Care of animals

Name and describe each animal to be covered by this agreement. Describe how you would like each animal to be managed on a day-to-day basis. Include details of any medications or special treatment that each animal requires.

3.1 The homeowner agrees:

  • to describe in writing and in detail how any animals normally resident at the premises should be cared for
  • to provide all food and sundry supplies (insect control and other medicine, bedding, exercising and cleaning equipment) for the animals, or make arrangement to reimburse the house sitter for any food or supplies bought for the animals
  • to make arrangements for payment for any services provided by a qualified veterinarian in the treatment and care of the homeowner’s animals

3.2 The house sitter agrees:

  • to make every reasonable effort to ensure the good health, comfort, safety and happiness of the animals listed in this agreement
  • to follow the homeowner’s instructions as far as possible in the care of the animals listed in this agreement

4. Cancellation and Booking Re-Scheduling

4. 1 House Sitting Cancellation Policy

  • For bookings cancelled more than 7 days before the booking is to commence, the full booking payment, less the non-refundable $100 deposit will be refunded.
  • For bookings cancelled less than 7 days before the booking is to commence, 50% of the payment will be refunded.

4.2. Dog Walks and Holiday House Calls Cancellation Policy

  • A full refund is available if the client cancels with at least 48 hours notice of the booking.
  • Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are non-refundable.

4.3. Booking Date Change Requests

  • If you shorten the length of your booking less than 7 days prior to the booking commencing, there will be a $100.00 penalty applied.
  • If you move dates but the length of the booking is still the same there will be no penalty.
  • For other modifications, like changing the number of pets or increasing the length of the stay, the price will be adjusted accordingly based on your additional information.

Thank you for your understanding